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Anyone under 15 years of age needs to be accompanied by a paid adult. Children under 10 years of age will not be admitted onto the property for this terrifying adult experience. If you purchase your tickets and cannot use them for that particular night, you may use your unused ticket for another night that we are open.

Be advised that Statesville Haunted Prison® is: Self guided groups, claustrophobic, intense, extreme, disturbing, vulgar, self-depricating and aggressive. Statesville Haunted Prison® uses adult language, heavy fog, strobe lights, loud music/noise, and small spaces. It is not recommended that the following people attend this attraction: people with medical disorders, women who are pregnant, people who have epilepsy, people who are easily offended, people who are claustrophobic, coulrophobic, people wearing open toe shoes and any other phobias that we forgot to mention. Enter at your own risk.

Please note that no alcohol or smoking is allowed while on the premises.

Scared, Inc. may refuse your admission if we see conduct that may lead to possible danger or injury to yourself or other guests.


By purchasing a ticket you assume all risk and liability for injury; you'll be on a farm in the dark with thousands of strangers, many of whom you're paying to scare and startle you. Statesville Haunted Prison® accepts no liability for any injury or loss/damage to your personal property.

You may be videotaped while on the Statesville Haunted Prison® premises by security cameras. You may also be asked to pass through a metal detector. These measures are for everybody's safety.

Produced by Zombie Army Productions