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Captain Flagg

Captain FlaggPrisoner#: 13481345
Weight: 200
Height: 6'2
Crimes: Mass murder of a military battalion and treason
Weapon of choice: Hands

A decorated Captain of the U.S. Army was sent on an assassination mission in Germany. When his cover was compromised, the Army attempted to neutralize him with a car bomb. After escaping his forced retirement, Flagg returned to his base and murdered 223 of his fellow soldiers. Flagg’s commanding officer was found with his heart removed.


FluffyPrisoner#: 038809
Weight: 200 lbs
Height: 6'2
Crimes: The murder and mutilation of 6 teenagers and 1 police officer
Weapon(s) of choice: Hands & feet

A nameless, abandoned young man was admitted to Hillcrest Hospital, where psychological evaluations suggested abominable childhood trauma. Ironically nicknamed "Fluffy" by the other patients for his tendency to dismember stuffed animals and dolls, the medical staff eventually realized that any trace of the boy had been completely consumed by homicidal rage, fitting him with a straight jacket and face mask for the safety of the staff and other patients. After nearly killing a nurse and doctor he was locked away and forgotten, abandoned once again when the hospital ceased operation. A year later, 6 teenagers broke into the hospital on Halloween night, only to be tormented, run down and disembowled by Fluffy, along with a police officer responding to a call about the break-in.

Dr. Vierhoff

Dr. VierhoffPrisoner#: 42975631
Weight: 210
Height: 6'8
Crimes: Torture, murder, medical experiments, kidnapping, and treason
Weapon of choice: Cattle Prod

At his trial, Dr Vierhoff, an East German doctor of Psychology, admitted that he'd used his position at the Hildesheim Institution for the Criminally Insane to 'perfect the art of madness'. Instead of curing his patients, the good doctor used torture methods to drive them deeper into their violent behavior. His goal was to create a perfect killing animal. One of his experiments was a live test on the sleeping citizens of a small French town. Three of his prize maniacs were released for two hours in the night... 42 people died. No one heard a sound. The maniacs were also captured and imprisoned along with Dr. Vierhofs.

The Sisters

The SistersPrisoner#: 78904537
Weight: 101
Height: 5'2
Crimes: Murder in the First Degree, both parents
Weapon of choice: Knife

The police arrived at the Wembley home to find the parents of the twelve Wembley sisters murdered. Although the walls were painted in the sisters blood, there was no evidence that could establish which of the twelve sisters committed the grizzly crime. With twelve suspects and no evidence, the judge set down a life sentence for all of the girls. One of them is guilty, eleven of them are innocent, and all of them have been driven mad by their incarceration. Paranoid, furious, and crazed, they stand silently, waiting for the truth to free them.

The Cleaner

The CleanerPrisoner#: 456775006
Weight: 189
Height: 6'
Crimes:Illegal disposal of toxic waste, manslaughter
Weapon of choice: Wire brush

To say that he has an obsessive compulsive disorder, would be a massive understatement. For ten years, Clyde had exercised his cleaning compulsion as a hazardous waste removal expert. When he illegally disposed a tanker of toxic waste into a fresh water stream, the waste drifted downstream into a public swimming area. Unfortunately, the paramedics were unable to clean the waste off of the swimmers in time and 32 people perished. Over come with guilt, Clyde jumped into a vat of toxic waste. The police, already in process of raiding the industrial complex, were in time to rescue, medically treat, and then send him to Statesville. It is said that clyde the cleaner spends his days trying to clean the filth off of other prisoners. Sometimes, he will clean the skin completely off of his victim with his wire brush.

Mad Dog

Mad DogPrisoner#: 98904037
Weight: 350
Height: 5'6
Crimes:Wrongful imprisonment, murder, desecration of a corpse
Weapon of choice:Pipe wrench

A career sanitation inspector, Evan Richards, was responsible for all state facility inspections. After he and his crew went missing in the sewers of Statesville during a routine inspection, a search party was sent to find them. What they found was horrific. Mr. Richards had subdued both of his assistants and strung them up to the pipes. After brutally beating them to death, he covered their hanging bodies with feces. When asked why he committed such a random act of violence, he replied, 'It wasn't random, Statesville asked Mad Dog to prepare a gift.'

The Clowns

The ClownsPrisoner#: Numerous
Weight: Varies
Height: Varies
Crimes: Mass murder
Weapon of choice: Chainsaw

Creators of the infamous 'Circus of the Dead', the Clowns had been traveling town-to-town across the USA. They would lure their audience in with mysterious promises of a show they would never forget. At the grand finale of every show, the Clowns would start up their chainsaws and go after the audience. The remains would then be used in the next show. After years of traveling the states and causing multitudes of missing persons, the government issued a manhunt for the Clowns and their twisted circus. After capturing the Clowns, they imprisoned them in Statesville. Since the breakout, the Clowns have been keeping their victims in their cells, using the body parts to construct their Circus of the Dead once again.

The Maniacs

The ManiacsPrisoner#: Numerous
Weight: Varies
Height: Varies
Crimes: Torture, murder, medical experiments and kidnapping
Weapon of choice: Fingernails

Some of the only children born inside the walls of Statesville, the Maniacs were never given names. Maniacs showed very early signs of dementia. Around the age of two, Maniacs developed a network of unseen conspirators. The medical staff theorized that 'children of Statesville have a psychic connection with the prisoners and the very prison itself'. By the age of four, the children would use this unseen advantage to stage acts of violence. Before the age of six, Maniacs had instigated 4 riots, the murder of 16 prisoners, and wer suspected in the unexplained deaths of the entire Statesville medical staff. Nine doctors were found dead in the electroshock therapy room. The security camera showed them all committing suicide, as they begged unseen figures to spare their lives. It was after the staff was found dead that the entire Maniac Ward were bound to their cell walls in a spread-eagle position for the rest of their days. This cruel torture seemed to drive the Maniacs deeper into a meditative state, spending their energy on calling out to The Dark One, calling out to his Father to release them all.

The Warden

The WardenPrisoner#: 16666666
Weight: 290
Height: 7'2
Crimes: Torture, murder, dark magic, arson, brain washing, conspiracy and mob action
Weapon of choice: Dark Magic

The Dark One has no known history before his incarceration. The only history written was his capture in 1789. It took 560 colonial soldiers and 4 Native American shamans to bring The Dark One out of his fortress in the caves. The only soldier to ever speak of this mysterious battle in the caves said, “Once we breached the mouth of the cave, we lost our thoughts, I never saw who stabbed me, I never saw who I was kill’en. The darkness was in our head. There were so many of them, they were everywhere.” After the dust cleared, there were 423 dead colonial soldiers and no signs that anyone else was ever in the caves. The soldiers were killing each other with out ever knowing it. Due to the unknown power of The Dark One, he was buried in the caves of Statesville. The prisoner guards hoped he would eventually die without food, water, or air. Yet, no one ever dared to open his cell door to confirm his death.


JuicePrisoner#: 37307410
Height: 5’ 6”
Weapon of choice: Electricity
Crimes: 27 counts of murder.

Juice's addiction to electricity and the damage it causes started at a very early age.  The first time juice stuck a key into an electrical outlet was a moment similar in effect, as Mozart's first time at the piano.  The rush he felt was so powerful and fulfilling that he felt compelled to share its joy with others.   At the age of 6, juice grabbed a hold of his cousin Tommy,  smiled real big for his watching mom, and forced the metal key into the electrical outlet.  From that point on, juice would have to find his electric friend in the confines of boarding  homes and juvenile detention centers.  After his untimely release from the juvenile system, juice immediately walked to the pool at the town country club, rigged up a nearby power line, waited for the perfect moment to introduce his friend to a packed pool, and earned himself a life sentence at Statesville.


RancidPrisoner#: 98074375
Height: 5’9’’
Weight: 187
Weapon of choice: Whip or pick ax
Crimes: 14 counts of murder

Rancid use to be a foreman of a track laying team for the rail road.  Day in and day out, he would beat his men into the fastest crew for the Southwest line.    It was his dedication to being the best that got the best of him one night.  When faced with a rock wall that was taking its toll on his men, Rancid refused to let them go around it or use dynamite. Instead, he motivated them with the end of his whip.  He truly believed that men were stronger than rock and he pushed his men until there was nothing left to push. However, the loss of his fourteen men did not stop him, rancid pushed their broken bodies to the side, grabbed a pick ax and finished the job himself.  

His experience and dedication to the job at hand earned him the position of "foreman of the caves".  He now watches over the miners as they dig dump holes for Statesville's dead.  He is not only a fearsome motivat of the digger crew, but he is also the most prolific zombie killer in City of the Dead.  He has been heard to say," I don't kill zombies because they are soulless brain eating monsters, i kill them because they are a distraction at work.


Cogaka, "The Gear That Grinds"
Prisoner#: 0000000
Height: 6’3’’
Weight: unknown
Weapon of choice: The big ass blade he carries!
Crimes: ?

No one is sure who Cog is, or why he was convicted.  What we do know is that he appeared at Captain Flagg’s side the day of the uprising.  There are rumors that he was built by the Warden himself, in preparation of the take over, and others say that he was once the partner of Statesville’s famous bounty hunter, Whisper.  However, there is one thing about Cog that is certain, he has made it his duty to process the meat and blood of Statesville as efficiently as possible.  He frequents the Blood Room, looking over the disposal and processing of the meat as if he was Henry Ford on the assembly line.


GruntPrisoner#: 00000234
Height: 6’ 3’’
Weight: 348 lbs
Weapon of choice: hammer
Crimes: 1 count of murder

Stanley Pimin was young man that rarely saw the outside world.  His mother and only friend ran the family farm and slaughter house with no aid except for her “little grunt” Stanley.  They lived a very isolated life except for the occasion in which Mrs. Pimin would take the meat to market.  She never let Stanley accompany her to town, on the account that he was a bit different. Just after the civil war, and the redistricting of land management in the United States, The Pimin farm and slaughter house was repossessed by the new banking system.  After his mothers failed pleas to the bank went unheard, the bank took the farm, and his mother died of a heart attack.  This drove young Stanly Pimin mad.  Stanley had no one except the pigs to help him with his rage.  It was a bad to be a pig.  Once Stanley, was finished disposing of what was left of their stock he grabbed his slaughter house hammer and went to introduce himself to the banker that took the family farm.  Stanley didn’t hurt anyone besides the banker, but that fact was hard to discern, as there was nothing larger than a silver dollar left of the banker.  Stanley hammered him into paste.

"Blood Girls"

Blood GirlsPrisoner#: Numerous
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Weapon of choice: Varies
Crimes: Torture, murder, bodily dismemberment, desecration of a corpse

Can you make it past these deranged ladies? Survive a little "shock" in the Electrical Room? If you happen to make it that far into the Boiler Room, you'll encounter the sexiest and some of the deadliest inmates of Statesville, known collectively to the other inmates simply as "The Blood Girls". Their crimes, you ask? Torturing and murdering an entire fraternity as payback for the sins committed against them. Now they are locked away in the bowels of Statesville just waiting for new meat to enter their doorways. Will they keep you as their plaything, disemboweling you and draining you dry? Or will they send you on for what the Warden has in store for you? There is only one way to find out... and these girls don't play very nice with others.

"Big Dave"

Big DavePrisoner#: 3896502
Height: 6’ 4’’
Weight: 310 lbs
Weapon of choice: Hugs
Crimes: Theft, kidnapping, forced participation in musical theater



WhisperPrisoner#: 023001975
Height: 6’1’’
Weight: 210
Weapon of choice: club and rope
Crimes: none

Whisper has been the bounty hunter for Statesville Prison since its opening at the turn of the century.  It was his job and his passion to capture any escaped convict that made it past the walls.  One can say that he was obsessed with his prey.  He spent his off days hiding in the shadows of the prison, studying his prey before they even attempted escape.  Some inmates claimed that they didn’t even want to escape, but they kept hearing someone encourage them to break out, whispers in the night.  Prison records show that “Whisper” had developed an addiction to stimulants while hunting his prey. It was his belief that he could catch any ones trail, if he didn’t need time to rest. To that end, he created a breathing mask that would continually feed him his drug while hunting.  Unfortunately, this addiction changed the man that stood for law and order, and created a manipulator of monstrous proportions that secretly aided men in their escape, only so that he could hunt them down like dogs.  Before the uprising, Whisper disappeared into the shadows of the prison and did not return until the uprising was finished.  There is a theory that Whisper slipped into madness, got too close to his prisoners, and freed the Warden himself.  On the other hand, he may have freed the prisoners simply because he enjoys hunting them.  To this day, no prisoner has escaped.

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