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#1 2012


The Prisoners have rioted, the guards have fled, a darkness has seized control of this Maximum Security Prison and our Warden has opened the gates for visitors. After the prisoners have processed “The Meat/Visitors”, you will be forced to find your way through 23 maximum security cells and come eye to eye with over 100 criminals that were too evil to die. Statesville Haunted Prison®. No one escapes. MORE PICS


After you find your way out of the mighty walls of Statesville, you must descend into the burial pit of City Of The Dead. In these caves and mine shafts you will find the mass graves of Statesville’s past inmates. Here, in the depths of this unholy tomb, the Gatekeeper has risen from the dead and the zombies are on the march. You must make it back to the surface before you become a permanent resident. MORE PICS

Statesville Haunted Prison® has been one of Illinois’ best haunted houses for 15 years. With over 150 live actors attacking you at every step, over 40 horrifically detailed rooms and an average time of 40-50 minutes required to get through its oppressive walls, Statesville® has earned the reputation as one of the best haunted houses in America. It is the constant innovation of its design team (Zombie Army Productions) and the relentless dedication of its actors that has created the most highly acclaimed Haunted House in Chicagoland and the state of Illinois. Statesville® has been named “Best Haunted House in Chicagoland” for 10 of the past 12 years by HauntedHouseChicago.com, ranked a “Must See Top 25 Haunted Attractions in America” by Haunted Attraction Magazine, and has received the highest rankings available in both Time Out Chicago and the Red Eye. Critics have said that our success is due to our cutting edge effects, attention to detail, the aggressive believability of the actors and the fact that our audience feels like they are actually in a horror movie. However, we feel that our success is due to one simple philosophy: We love our fans and we work all year long to give them the very best haunted house experience of their lives. Statesville® is less than 40 miles southwest of Chicago, on the border of Joliet, and sits in the shadow of Stateville Maximum Security Prison on Siegel’s Cottonwood Farm. This Halloween season, don’t just go to any haunted house, go to Chicago’s scariest haunted house, and face the beast that is Statesville Haunted Prison®.


Can you handle this intense Zombie Ride?

Experience over a half-mile of TERROR as you shoot Zombie Slime Paintballs at real zombies and targets from an actual army troop carrier truck! Will you make it out alive??

More Info


POSTED ON 09/27/2014 :: 02:55 PM

Days of the Living Dead Season 5 Episode 3: Daunted House

Tensions rise in August as the Zombie Army finds itself six weeks behind on the Statesville build. The normally happy-go-lucky Adam (Galaxy) gets an attitude check, Kyle and Gehmlich continue to hassle each other, Bobby's ready to kill everybody and John, for once, is speechless. Will the crew be able to bring it all together before opening weekend?

POSTED ON 09/13/2014 :: 01:07 PM

Days of the Living Dead Season 5, Episode 1: Haunted Housewares - TransWorld

"This is going to be the hardest thing we've ever done..." The Zombie Army heads to the TransWorld Halloween & Attractions Show in St. Louis to purchase the animatronics, props, costumes, makeup and other ghoulish goodies that make for a truly terrifying haunted house. Will Kyle snap? Will Mike Gimlech ever understand John's Vision? Will John ever get to have a pet dragon? Watch to find out! SUBSCRIBE.

This episode features TransWorld's Halloween & Attractions Show in St. Louis and haunt vendors Scared City (anybody got a link for those guys?), CFX, Specter Studios (sadly, closed since filming), Gore Galore, Poison Props, Dead House Designs and ScareFactory.

Days of the Living Dead, a reality web series that brings you backstage at Chicago's #1 Haunted House, Statesville Haunted Prison®. From Yokai Films and featuring Zombie Army Productions.

WATCH SEASONS 1-4: http://www.daysofthelivingdead.com
SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/1nb9ft8

POSTED ON 09/02/2014 :: 02:34 PM

Auditions for Statesville Haunted Prison 2014 Season

Click HERE for full details and information.


POSTED ON 05/14/2014 :: 12:23 PM

Chicago Zombie Prom 2014
The Chicago Zombie Prom returns for its 6th year on June 20th at the Bottom Lounge in downtown Chicago! Visit ZombiePromChicago.com for full information and to get tickets!

POSTED ON 04/01/2014 :: 11:55 AM

Chicago Zombie Prom 2014!

The 2014 Chicago Zombie Prom will once again take place at the Bottom Lounge on June 20th, 2014!

For full details & information: ZombiePromChicago.com

To RSVP via Facebook: Chicago Zombie Prom 2014 Event Page

To get tickets: Zombie Prom Chicago Ticket Page

POSTED ON 10/28/2013 :: 12:21 PM

Official HauntedHouseChicago.com Review 2013: 98/100!

Review This Haunted House at HauntedHouseChicago.com!HauntedHouseChicago.com 2013 Official Review

Reviewed on: Sunday, October 13, 2013


  • Entertainment: 19.5 out of 20
  • Scare Factor & Fright: 9 out of 10
  • Acting: 10 out of 10
  • Sets & Room Detail: 10 out of 10
  • Costumes: 5 out of 5
  • Make Up: 5 out of 5
  • Sound: 5 out of 5
  • Lights: 5 out of 5
  • Props & Special Effects: 9.5 out of 10
  • Originality & Story Concept: 10 out of 10
  • Management & Owner Presentation: 5 out of 5
  • Website: 5 out of 5
Total: 98 points out of 100 points possible

"(Statesville's) characters give a tremendous accent to a show that is simply amazing. I’m not sure if it is still appropriate for the folks from Barnum and Bailey to call their show the Greatest, because they would have some steep competition. This year’s submission has to be the top entry they have had in their entire run..."

Read the full review at HauntedHouseChicago.com

POSTED ON 10/24/2013 :: 05:14 PM

Statesville Haunted Prison® Featured on The Travel Channel's "Halloween Craziest" SUNDAY at 11:00 p.m. CST!

The Travel Channel will re-air "Halloween Craziest" at 11:00 pm CST on Sunday night (October 27th), which features Statesville Haunted Prison®! Watch the show if you missed it the first time, but more importantly, come out this weekend and see why Statesville was featured on a show called HALLOWEEN CRAZIEST!

POSTED ON 10/17/2013 :: 01:48 AM

Days of the Living Dead, Season 4, Episode 7: The Auditions!

Statesville® holds auditions for its actors for the 2013 season. There are many new (and talented) faces, some legacies, veterans and even a couple of oh-they-so-should-know-better divas. John puts his brother Kyle in charge of the auditions, then decides to audition himself to see how Kyle operates. See if he makes the cut!

Days of the Living Dead, a reality web series that brings you backstage at Chicago's #1 Haunted House, Statesville Haunted Prison®. From Yokai Films and featuring Zombie Army Productions.

"All of you are ninjas, cowboys, Sasquatch, energy and darkness, blah blah."

To see more episodes, visit http://www.daysofthelivingdead.com!

POSTED ON 10/16/2013 :: 05:05 PM

Statesville Rated #2 Haunted House Nationwide by HopAmerica.com!

HopAmerica.com has released their Top 5 Haunted Houses in the USA, and Statesville Haunted Prison® is honored to be #2 on the list! See the article HERE.

POSTED ON 09/23/2013 :: 05:55 PM

TWICE the TERROR Haunt Combo Pass

The Twice the Terror Haunt Pass gets you V.I.P. Tickets to TWO of Chicagoland’s SCARIEST haunted attractions for ONE low price - $45 gets you V.I.P. Tickets to Fear City Chicago, Statesville Haunted Prison® and City of the Dead! That's a savings of $35.00!

For full details and to buy tickets, visit TWICEtheTERROR.com!

POSTED ON 09/20/2013 :: 05:00 PM

Check Out the Latest Episode of Days of the Living Dead!

Days of the Living Dead is the haunted house reality web series featuring Zombie Army Productions as they conceive, build and unleash Statesville Haunted Prison® every year in Chicago!

POSTED ON 08/27/2013 :: 01:25 AM

Audtions and Interviews for Statesville Haunted Prison®'s 2013 Season, Sept. 13 & 14

Auditions and Interviews for Statesville Haunted Prison®’s 2013 Season. Join the Award Winning Statesville Team and Get Paid to Scare People!

  • WHEN:
  • Friday September 13th 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  • Saturday September 14th 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm
  • WHERE: Statesville Haunted Prison®, 17250 s Weber Rd. Cresthill, Il
  • WHAT: All applicants will audition with a small group in which they will play a few improv games and answer a few questions.
  • WHY: Statesville is looking to hire actors, managers, makeup artist, costumers, and technicians for the 2013 season.
All Cast and Crew members are required to be present in at least two of our training workshops.
  • Intro To Movement for the Haunt Actor: Noon, Sat., Sept. 21st
  • Waiting Line Entertaining with Fluffy: 4:00 pm- 6:00 pm Sat., Sept. 21st
  • Advanced Character Creation: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Sat., Sept. 21st
  • Intro to Gore Makeup and Special Effects: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm Sun., Sept. 22nd

POSTED ON 08/01/2013 :: 01:13 AM

Zombie Army Games 2013!

The Zombie Army Games 2013 will take place at Statesville Haunted Prison® on September 7th. For details and to buy tickets, visit http://www.ZombieArmyGames.com!

POSTED ON 11/01/2012 :: 12:30 AM

Halloween may be over, but the screaming at Statesville Haunted Prison® is not!

You have 3 more days (November 1, 2 and 3) to see why HauntedHouseChicago.com has selected Statesville® as 2012'x Haunted Attraction of the Year.  Don’t miss your last chance (until next year) to see the legend that is Statesville®:

  • Thursday Nov. 1st, 7 p.m.-10 p.m.
  • Friday Nov. 2nd, 7 p.m. -11 p.m.
  • Saturday Nov. 3rd, 7 p.m. -11 p.m.

POSTED ON 10/23/2012 :: 01:35 PM

Open Wednesday October 24th! Customer Appreciation Night!

The creatures inside Statesville Haunted Prison® have decided that they're still hungry, so Statesville® will now be open on Wednesday the 24th from 7:00 - 10:00 pm for Customer Appreciation Night! Little to no wait, and multiple ways to get ticket discounts:

1. All postcard and website $5 off coupons will be honored on Wednesday October 24th.
2. All online group sale discounts will be honored on Wednesday October 24th.
3. If you don’t have a coupon, say “customer appreciation” at the ticket booth for $5 off (not to be used with other discounts).

Come on out and feed the clowns - don't make them come find you...

POSTED ON 10/15/2012 :: 11:20 PM

Travel Channel Filming "Halloween Craziest" on Thursday, October 18th

Come to Statesville® on Thursday Night for Your Chance to be on TV!

Travel Channel will be at Statesville Haunted Prison® on Thursday, October 18 to film Chicagoland's own favorite haunt! The crew is filming for the Halloween special "Halloween Craziest," the 3rd in the series that began last year with "Halloween Crazy" and continues this year with "Halloween Crazier"; "Halloween Craziest" will air on the Travel Channel in October 2013!

Attention haunt enthusiasts! If you want to appear on this Travel Channel Halloween special, get yourself to Statesville® on Thursday night and be ready to scream! The crew will be filming the most enthusiastic, most easily-frightened and most scream-prone guests who come to Statesville® and if they pick you, you may end up on TV!

POSTED ON 09/22/2012 :: 01:10 PM

Don't Make Us Come to You...

POSTED ON 09/14/2012 :: 12:54 AM

Auditions and Interviews for Statesville® Haunted Prison THIS WEEKEND!

We will be conducting interviews and auditions for Statesville Haunted Prison on September 14th and 15th. It is our goal to build an award winning team of dedicated performers and technitions for the haunt season. The audition will consist of a brief interview and several improv games. It is not nessessary to be an actor of experience, however it is mandatory to give the show your best efforts and dedication. It is our goal to have fun in the audition and learn a bit about our applicants. These are paid positions and your contracted rate of pay is determined by your experience, education, and availability.

You will only need to come to one of the dates and stay until your audition is finished. We are excited to see our veterans and all the new faces for Statesville 2012.

  • Friday September 14th: 4 pm till 8 pm
  • Saturday September 15th: Noon till 6 pm
For more information, go to the Facebook Event Page.

POSTED ON 08/13/2012 :: 05:19 PM

Zombie Army Games 2012

The Zombie Army Games is a day of “Zombie Themed” individual physical challenges and team based games.  All registered participants will have an opportunity to compete against other zombies and survivors through out the day in the individual challenges: Zombie Obstacle Course, Hatchet toss, Crossbow Challenge, and Severed Head Toss.  Zombies who come in a group or form one at the event can also register for the team based games (zombie hunt , zombie ball, and possibly kickball).   As the games wind down, we will be serving a late BBQ lunch to our guest and present the awards and prizes to our top competitors.  After the awards ceremony, we will kick off the evening events with a Giant Zombie Man Bonfire and “Zombie Hunt”. The night will come to a close 11:30 unless you register to be one of our overnight guests, “The Survivors”.  If you choose to stay the night, you will not only be camping in the shadow of Statesville Haunted Prison®, but you will also be invited on a scavenger hunt throughout the haunt.  However, if you don’t want to face the menacing late night scavenger hunt, you are free to enjoy the campfire and the company of zombies.  All campers must break camp and leave by 11 am the following day.

Days of the Living Dead

Days of the Living Dead

Go behind the scenes with the Zombie Army as they build, cast and run Statesville Haunted Prison® in Season 4 of Days of the Living Dead, a haunted house reality web series. For more episodes and to see Seasons 1-3, visit http://www.daysofthelivingdead.com

(Note: Click HERE to go to the top of the page and mute the sound effects, then scroll back down here to watch the show!)



1 Shotgun, 12 Paintballs and all of your courage: THAT'S ALL YOU GET as you blast away AT the charging Zombie!  

Only $5 to test your postapocalyptic Zombie Hunting Skills at the exit of Statesville®!

Zombie Hunt