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Statesville Haunted Prison

The Prisoners have rioted, the guards have fled, a darkness has seized control of this Maximum Security Prison and our Warden has opened the gates for visitors. After the prisoners have processed “The Meat/Visitors”, you will be forced to find your way through 23 maximum security cells and come eye to eye with over 100 criminals that were too evil to die. Statesville Haunted Prison®. No one escapes. MORE PICS

City of the Dead

After you find your way out of the mighty walls of Statesville, you must descend into the burial pit of City Of The Dead. In these caves and mine shafts you will find the mass graves of Statesville’s past inmates. Here, in the depths of this unholy tomb, the Gatekeeper has risen from the dead and the zombies are on the march. You must make it back to the surface before you become a permanent resident. MORE PICS

Sniper Zombie Paintball Ride

Sniper Zombie Paintball Ride - Hunt Zombies

Earlier this spring, several scientists went to Siegel’s Cottonwood Pumpkin Farm to inquire about renting an acre of land to grow some exotic plants. The farm agreed and rented out the land to these scientists. Summertime came, some people started trespassing and immediately got bit by the exotic plants on the land. Little did they know, the bite turned them into flesh eating zombies. Unfortunately, the Siegel’s Cottonwood Pumpkin Farm didn't have enough troops to fight and are currently in great danger. So now, they need your help to kill these zombies and get the outbreak under control.


Faces of Fear

Real audience reactions to the sights that await you within our walls.


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The Dog Cage at Statesville Haunted Prison

Before you are fed to Statesville Haunted Prison and City of the Dead, you get to spend time in the Dog Cage. You can try to make yourself real small and unnoticeable, but Heretic the Clown has sharp eyes, and Fluffy... well, they say Fluffy can smell your fear.

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Produced by Zombie Army Productions